Infographic: “The Book is Not Dead”

This infographic has information and statistics about the continuing popularity of the paper book and independent bookstores as compared to the e-book trend. I think the first compelling feature of this infographic is the color scheme. The navy and yellow color immediately catch my eye and they make the infographic look classic and organized. The infographic uses these two colors along with grays and whites. This color scheme does not overwhelm the audience and it allows them to focus on the information. I also really like the large title at the top of the infographic because it is put together so nicely and also catches the viewer’s eye. I like that the middle of the infographic is divided with a line to separate information about e-books and information about paper books. This allows for the audience to easily separate statistics about each format and they are able to make an easy comparison. Finally, I like that this infographic ends with a quote (“Coexistence is more likely than conquest”) because it gives the user a closing remark that really sums up all of the quantitative information. The overall design of this infographic is actually reminiscent of a book over or title page with the big yellow box at the top and the designs around certain words throughout the rest of the infographic. Therefore, I think the design really reflects the topic.  For more information, see:

Click on the image to see a larger size.



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